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Welcome to the Kentucky Coroner's Association!


In order to assist the citizens of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, we have provided information on how to contact coroners and find answers to frequently asked questions about our professional services. Coroners can also find information and sign up for training programs through the Department of Criminal Justice Training.

In Calendar Year 2014, according to preliminary data from the Office of Vital Statistics, Kentucky's coroners and deputy coroners conducted 9,835 death investigations across the Commonwealth. As part of those investigations, coroners requested services from the State Medical Examiner's Office in 2,485 of those cases, or 25.2% of all deaths. This compares to:

Calendar Year 2013 with 9,400 coroner death investigations and 2,385 autopsies
Calendar Year 2012 with 9,912 coroner death investigations and 2,402 autopsies
Calendar Year 2011 with 9,282 coroner death investigations and 2,378 autopsies
Calendar Year 2010 with 9,566 coroner death investigations and 2,452 autopsies
Calendar Year 2009 with 8,953 coroner death investigations and 2,373 autopsies.

The death investigation system in Kentucky is a cooperative effort among and between county coroners' offices and the State Medical Examiner's Office. In the Commonwealth of Kentucky, coroners and deputy coroners have the full power and authority of peace officers and they investigate the cause and manner of all deaths that are defined as coroner's cases by KRS 72.405.

Contacts for the Kentucky Coroner's Association:

Brian Ritchie, Executive Secretary
Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
Phone: (502) 839-5151

Ronnie Patton, Association President (2015-2016)
Lyon County Coroner
Eddyville, Kentucky
Phone: (270) 388-4045




 The 2016 Coroner's Training schedule is now posted on the CORONER TRAINING page. This year's schedule presents a wide-ranging and comprehensive curriculum encompassing a total of 14 classes, on 12 subjects, and in 7 locations scattered across Kentucky.

Some points to consider include:

Somerset has been added as a training site convenient for those Coroners and Deputy Coroners in Southern and Southeastern Kentucky.

A new class titled "Social Media" has been added this year.

Last year's new class, "Media Relations for Coroners", was well-received and continues in 2016.

Coroner's Basic Firearms returns after an absence of several years.

Elder Abuse Death Investigations has returned after an absence of a several years.

The Board of Directors for the Kentucky Coroners Association encourages you to sign up EARLY for the courses you are particularly interested in. Remember, waiting too close to the start date may cause the course to be CANCELED due to low enrollment, and waiting too late in the year to register can cause a course to be CLOSED to new registrants due to reaching its maximum capacity. 




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2016 Coroners Directory

Need to locate a coroner in Kentucky? Click the following link to view or

download the:



As issues may come up from time to time regarding coroners and KODA, some of our Coroners and Deputy Coroners may not be familiar with the specific KRS statutes that address the issue. You will find a link to the statute here at KRS Organ Donation Statute.  This will also be posted in the Forensic Library section

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