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Kentucky Learning Depot

The Kentucky Learning Depot is Kentucky’s P-20 repository for quality digital learning content. This is about educators connecting with content to build a learning community. For a quick introduction, click on “Get to know Depot” video link on the left.


Collaborative Creativity and Content: KYVL's Learning Depot


On September 10, 2013, the Kentucky Learning Depot sponsored the “Collaborative Creativity and Content" workshop with Guest Speakers talking OER in the real world. 


Workshop Description:

OER, CC-BY, OAI. These acronyms can mean less time CREATING content and more time FACILITATING learning. Quality instructional resources of multimedia, interactive chunks of content, or entire courses, are available to MASH and MIX. Join us in Frankfort or online to learn about CROWDSOURCED content, textbooks, learning objects with TAXONOMIES and how a statewide and connected REPOSITORY can save time and money. KYVL brings in expert partners to talk licensed, OPEN and CURATED collections in statewide repositories, Creative Commons, CCCOER, National Repository of Online Courses, partnerships which span the U.S. and MOOCs in real life. The workshop will provide an overview of major trends in OPEN EDUCATION with experienced partners talking “how to” mix, mash, and manage digital content for the ultimate benefit of students and educator.



  • Chris Mackie, Collaboration Source, Mindspring Initiative -- Bio| Slides | Video
  • Jonathon Sweetin, North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS), North Carolina Learning Object Repository (NCLOR) -- Bio | Slides | Video
  • Terri Rowenhurst, The NROC Project -- Bio | Slides |Video
  • Robin Donaldson, Florida Virtual Campus, OrangeGrove repository -- Bio | Slides | Video
  • David Shulman, Broward College, Ft. Lauderdale -- Bio | Slides | Video
  • Enid Wohlstein, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, KYVL -- Slides


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