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This interface is designed to provide the same user experience of the FirstClass Client through a web browser. Perfect for Internet cafes, airport web kiosks, and so on.


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Provides the fastest and most powerful way to access your METNET account. It is a small footprint, "thin client" that can be freely downloaded from our web site and easily installed in just minutes.
Consider using the FirstClass Client whether you're at your own computer, a shared computer at home, a relative's house, or any location where you frequently access FirstClass.

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METNET was created by the 1991 Montana Legislature to connect Montana K-12 schools through telecommunication delivery. It has since evolved into a fully collaborative environment utilizing the Internet. METNET is a fully integrated cloud-based suite of applications, mobile and desktop, designed to enhance communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing within education and corporate environments. METNET takes communication capabilities well beyond standard groupware solutions by integrating a powerful set of features and applications for online collaboration, learning, content sharing and publishing.Product Graphic

All METNET users are outfitted with a personalized desktop that is presented each time they log in to the system. The desktop acts as a portal, providing:

  • A summary view of all applications a user has been granted access to.
  • One-click access to all features and functions of FirstClass.
  • A place to add and organize shortcuts to personally relevant collaborative areas of FirstClass.
  • A customizable desktop for unique background graphics (eg. company logos, images, etc.) that can be easily set by individual users or applied to a large group of users by an administrator seeking to maintain and control a consistent brand across an organization.
  • Multiple desktop views, including traditional FirstClass format, Outlook-style or a combination of both.
  • Presence awareness ('who's online').
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METNET Help Desk:

E-MAIL in the Cloud

METNET offers fully functional email capabilities that enable users to securely communicate within the organization’s online community or to external Internet destinations.Message

METNET offers an incredibly powerful suite of messaging features that includes:

  • Message grouping and previews.
  • Mail automation tools, message tracking and status.
  • Message notification for mobile users.
  • Integrated instant messaging that enables users to check if another user is online and instantaneously share messages, graphics, files, and even voice communications.
  • Mail is stored in the Cloud, you can retrieve mail from any device connected to the Internet.



METNET is now available for the for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Android.

With METNET Mobile, iPhone™, iPod Touch®, iPad® and Android® users can now take METNET with them on the road and have all of the power of METNET in the palm of their hands — delivering a true “anytime, anywhere” mobile collaboration experience.

Download METNET Mobile for iOS now.iPad, iPod, iPhone

Connection Information

View a short video on how to configure your iOS device.

Server Name: fc.metnet.mt.gov
Use your normal User ID and Password to get your files.


Get the METNET Mobile client for your Android phone!

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Droid.gifConnection Information
Server Name: sm.metnet.mt.gov
Use your normal User ID and Password to get your files

Web Publishing

Web pages, Blogs and PodCasts. Simplified.

METNET Web Publishing enables users to easily create personal home pages and other web pages without any prior knowledge of HTML or web publishing. Publishing content (such as documents, calendars, and more) to the web is as easy as filling out a form and enables organizations to:RTI Screenshot.gif

  • Maintain a consistent brand across school, district, corporate and division, subsidiary or franchise web sites with centrally controlled design templates.
  • Develop customer or parent portals to keep relevant parties informed of important news, updates, and policy changes
  • Remove the bottlenecks associated with webmaster controlled content updates by granting access for content updates to the relevant subject matter experts. Each department (ie. training, marketing, faculty, academic unit, etc.) can take ownership of their section of the web site and instantly update pages without the need for any understanding of HTML.
  • Ensure consistently fresh content and avoid stale-dating web pages.


Blogging has become a popular means of communicating and collaborating with others via the Internet, and many organizations are looking to harness the power of this medium to enhance productivity and knowledge sharing among their staff. FirstClass provides an easy-to-use facility for creating blogs directly within the system and publishing them to personal web pages.


Podcasting is growing in popularity as an effective tool for "one-to-many" communications. With PodCasts, METNET enables users to easily create PodCasts and publish them to the web.

Calendars in the Cloud

Personal, group and resource scheduling with a single calendar.Calendar

METNET offers comprehensive calendaring, scheduling, and time management capabilities that are tightly integrated within the FirstClass environment. FirstClass calendaring enables individuals, teams, or an entire organization to effectively manage their time, interactions, and resources with highlights including:

  • A wide range of viewing options, including weekly, monthly, and flexible multi-day views.
  • Robust scheduling with “at a glance” access to a participant’s or resource’s availability for booking and calendar conflict resolution.
  • Support for repeat events, formatted text, and attachment of files and messages.


Bookmarks in the Cloud

Get to your favorite Web sites and files from any internet-connected device

This creates a convenient, single spot to look for objects that you monitor or want to access on a regular basis.

Use this to store your bookmarks in the cloud. When you are not at your computer, you can still open to your favorite web site or file.


File Storage in the Cloud

Cloud StorageContent that's as portable as you are.

To enable greater efficiency and security, all user data in FirstClass resides securely “on the network, in the Cloud” rather than left exposed on individual personal computers, resulting in:

  • Content in the Cloud — all files stored in METNET can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any type of Internet-enabled computer or handheld device.
  • Easy storage of files of any type through simple “drag and drop” from a local computer or through the Upload/Download tools within the METNET client.

Users have complete flexibility in how they organize their network-based FirstClass folders, but common uses include folders such as:

  • My Files
  • My Music
  • My Photos
  • My Presentations
  • Project Documents
  • Reports

METNET Collaboration in the CloudConference

Most traditional groupware solutions require users to develop numerous email distribution lists as the only means to disseminate information to multiple recipients. METNET Conferences and Workspaces consolidate information from multiple sources (ie. email, calendar events, files, etc.) into one place that is organized by topic. METNET eliminates the need for email distribution lists by enabling users to proactively access the content they are interested in (and have permissions to view), without being inundated with hundreds of unsolicited email messages in their in box that need to be read, sorted, and filed or deleted.

METNET Conferences and Workspaces can facilitate:

  • Bulletin board-style threaded discussion groups.
  • Digital resource sharing facilities.
  • Team project workspaces.
  • Knowledge base repositories.
  • Virtual classrooms or meeting rooms.
  • Announcement forums.
  • Customer interaction workspaces.
  • Peer group collaboration forums.


Create an online shared space in seconds.WorkSpaces METNET Workspaces are designed with many of the features of Conferences, but intended for project-based work teams seeking a central location to share files, participate in group discussions, and collaborate on topics of interest. Workspaces are quick and easy for users to create - just a few clicks and you're ready to go.

  • Enable collaboration and peer discussions on a wide array of topics such as corporate strategies, communities of interest, departmental plans, and administrative policies.
  • Permission-based controls ensure that only appropriate people have access to each Workspace.
  • A selection of pre-formatted templates enables quick and easy set up of new Workspaces.

Video Tutorials on using METNET