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The New Motor Vehicle Board (Board) is a program within the Department of Motor Vehicles (Department) with oversight provided by California State Transportation Agency (Agency). William G. Brennan is the Executive Director of the Board. Jean Shiomoto is the Director of the Department and Brian P.Kelly is the Agency Secretary.

Created in 1967 as the New Car Dealers Policy and Appeals Board, the Board's function was limited to hearing appeals from final decisions of the Director of the Department which were adverse to the occupational license of a new motor vehicle dealer, manufacturer, distributor, or representative. In 1973, the Legislature passed the California Automobile Franchise Act (Stats. 1973, ch. 996, sec. 1, p. 2) giving the Board its present name and creating a broad statutory framework and forum for regulating and settling disputes in the new vehicle industry.

Within the Board, there is a legal department which operates in a quasi-judicial capacity to resolve disputes between franchised dealers and manufacturers/distributors of new motor vehicles (including motorcycles, and recreational vehicles).There is also a Consumer Mediation Services Program which attempts through informal mediation to resolve disputes between consumers and new motor vehicle dealers and/or manufacturers or distributors.

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New Motor Vehicle Board
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