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Division of Operations and Maintenance
Department of Water Resources

"Deliver affordable water"

1416 9th Street, Sixth Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

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Oroville Dam Spillway

Mission Statement:

  • "Operate and maintain the California State Water Project, to conserve and deliver water and provide flood control, recreation, and fish and wildlife enhancement, all within regulatory requirements and in an economic, reliable and environmentally-sound manner"
Strategic Goals:
  • Operate and maintain SWP facilities within sound economic and fiscally responsible policies.
  • Operate and maintain the SWP with maximum flexibility and reliability to maximize water deliveries and other beneficial water uses, with environmental sensitivity, while balancing diverse SWP contractor's expectations within legislated and mandated policies and regulations.
  • Conduct business in an open communicative manner, maintaining high quality, professional relationships with the public, the media, our customers, and our employees.
  • Assure a safe environment for our employees and the public.
  • Maintain a trained staff, provided with the proper tools, empowered to make decisions at the lowest organizational level consistent with Department policy, committed to operate in a "team" environment, and sensitive to the Department's affirmative action goals, while maintaining our focus on O&M's Vision.
  • Guide and facilitate the plan to provide future State Water Resources Development System expansions to meet the needs of the SWP contracting agencies and other mandates.
  • Provide timely data and information to the SWP contractors, regulatory agencies, the Directorate, and others, for planning purposes, and to facilitate informed decision-making.
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