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Thank you for visiting the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles’ web site. We hope that the information contained here will answer any questions you may have regarding the agency and the Board’s role in the criminal justice system of the State of Alabama. The links above will take you to various documents and other pieces of information which may answer your questions, or will provide you with information concerning whom you may contact to answer your specific questions or take your comments.

We are committed to providing quality adult probation and parole services for the State of Alabama. These services involve paroles, pardons, restoration of voting rights, and other issues within the Board’s authority and responsibility. Pre-sentence, pre-probation, youthful offender and other investigations and reports are provided to the sentencing courts throughout the state. The agency has sixty-one field offices positioned and staffed to provide these services to the courts, and supervision for those offenders placed on parole by the Board or probation by the courts. For addresses and telephone numbers of the field offices, click on “About Us” at top.

Probation and Parole Officers are appointed by the Board, subject to the merit system, and are supervised by the Board as provided by state statute. They are sworn peace officers with powers of arrest and execution, and as such must meet the qualifications and training requirements of the Alabama Peace Officers’ Minimum Standards and Training Act.

Individual Board Members are prohibited by the Board’s Rules, Regulations and Procedures from discussing specific cases which may be before them or which may come before them in the future except during open public meetings when there is a quorum present and to which notices have been sent to all parties required by law. However, staff personnel may speak with you about specific cases. You may e-mail your comment to the Board at