South Dakota Board on Geographic Names


The South Dakota Board on Geographic Names was created by the 2009 Legislature to recommend replacements for offensive names for geographic features and to process requests from the public regarding names for geographic features. In some cases, this may be proposing a name for a currently unnamed feature or requesting renaming for a geographic feature.

The board consists of representatives from the State Historical Society and the departments of Tribal Relations, Transportation, Environment and Natural Resources, and Tourism. When receiving a request regarding the naming of a geographic feature, the board solicits input from the public and provides notification to tribes, local governments, historical societies, and other interested parties. After public comment has been received and reviewed, the SDBGN makes a recommendation to the United States Board on Geographic Names which makes the ultimate decision on the name for the geographic feature. For further information, visit

SDBGN Informational Brochure (PDF)



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The South Dakota Board on Geographic Names
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