• Welcome

    The Office of Technology Services (OTech) serves the common technology needs of Executive Branch agencies and other public entities with accountability to provide secure and capable services that are responsive to Customer needs and represent best value to the State.

    Our Tier III data center provides a state-of the class, reliable, and secure infrastructure to data and applications. We offer an array of options to address your specific business needs. We complete the technology stack - servers, network, storage, and common applications.

    To pursue this mission, Customers need to have accurate, current and timely information about services. The Service Catalog is designed to provide this information, and is an important tool to ensure the accuracy and consistency of communications with customers and other stakeholders.

  • Services

    The OTech Service Catalog provides an overview of services by describing each service component. For each service, the Service Catalog includes:

    • A brief description of the service
    • Information about the service life cycle (emerging, current, twilight or sunset), hours of service, and how to access the service
    • Technical specifications
    • Security overviews
    • Administration
    • Contact information for inquiries and support
  • Data Center

    The Office of Technology Services (OTech) OTech Data Centers serve as the Tier III equivalent Data Centers for State, county, federal and local government entities throughout California.

  • Customer Delivery

    The Customer Delivery Division (CDD) acts as a liaison between the Department of Technology and its customers. The Division's programs are designed to:

    • Build strategic alliances and partner with customers to achieve their IT goals.
    • Identify new technology opportunities and initiate new service concepts.
    • Communicate changes resulting from Department of Technology changes in processes.
    • Convey information to Department of Technology Executives and Management regarding your needs.
    • Provide a single point of contact for all customers.

    Customer Delivery Division