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The mission of Superior Court of California, County of Siskiyou, is to provide a neutral forum for timely resolution of legal proceedings according to the law.

Court News & Notices

Posted June 14, 2016
Changes to STAGE stop serving Courthouse

Posted June 21, 2016
Dorris Clerk Hours - Notice of Closing

Posted July 28, 2016
Media Packet

Posted August 16, 2016
Trial Court Budget Allocation FY16-17

Posted September 1, 2016
Budget FY16-17

Posted September 2, 2016
Calendar Changes Memo

Posted November 7, 2016
CEO Retires, Successor Announced

Info By Division


Siskiyou Superior Court’s Administration Division provides information and services for records requests, fiscal matters including annual budget and budget allocation, procurement, requests for proposals, and other operational and administrative matters.


The Civil Division assists parties with cases involving: recovery of money or property in non-contract civil disputes or contract enforcement; civil rights, and, landlord tenant actions. Petitions to Change Name and various writs are also handled by the Civil Division.


The Criminal Division has jurisdiction over felonies, misdemeanors, infractions.

Family Law

The Family Law Division hears matters involving family-related issues and domestic relations.

Jury Service

For persons serving or noticed to serve on a jury.

Small Claims

The Small Claims Division handles cases that do not exceed $10,000 and are resolved quickly and inexpensively with relatively simple and informal rules.


The Traffic Division has jurisdiction over Vehicle Code violations and local traffic ordinance violations.

About The Court

Siskiyou County is a land of great natural beauty. It is at the southern edge of the Cascade Range, situated in the northernmost part of California, right on the Oregon border. Mt. Shasta, a 14,000 foot volcano, is located in Siskiyou County. The county's landmass exceeds that of the State of Connecticut. The largest city in Siskiyou County is Yreka, population 7500. There are seven other cities ranging in size from 200 to 1500. The closest metropolitan areas, which are in the State of Oregon, are Ashland, 35 miles and Medford, 55 miles. The closest metropolitan area in California, which is 120 miles away, is in Redding.

       Presiding Judge: William J. Davis

       Assisting Presiding Judge: Laura Masunaga

       Court Executive Officer: Mary Frances McHugh


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