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 Sacramento Valley Water Management Program
Sacramento Valley Water Mangement Program



In 1997 the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) issued a notice of the water rights hearings to allocate responsibility for meeting the 1995 Delta Water Quality Control Plan (WQCP) objectives. Because the issues were so complex, the SWRCB divided the water rights proceedings into eight phases.

Phase 8 was to allocate responsibility for satisfying the flow-related water quality objectives of the 1995 Delta WQCP among water right holders in the watersheds of the Sacramento, Cosumnes, and Calaveras Rivers.

To avoid the consequences of delay associated with resolving Phase 8 issues, over 40 water suppliers in the Sacramento Valley, the Department of Water Resources (DWR), US Bureau of Reclamation (USBR), and the Downstream Water Users developed a cooperative water management partnership to better manage water and provide a mechanism for satisfying Bay-Delta water quality and flow objectives.

This partnership led to the development of the Short-Term Settlement Agreement which continues the commitment of USBR and the DWR to meet the SWRCB D-1641 flow-related standards, and provides for a collaborative process among the parties to develop projects to meet water supply, water quality, and environmental needs in the Sacramento Valley, Bay-Delta, and throughout California. As a result of the parties' commitment, on January 31, 2003 the SWRCB dismissed Phase 8 of the Bay-Delta Hearings.

Settlement Agreement

Settlement Agreement

The settlement agreement between DWR and various water agencies and districts.
  Settlement Agreement, December 2002, 1.5 MB file size (see note at left regarding file size)


Short Term Work Plan Short Term Work Plan

  Short Term Work Plan...6.9 MB file size (see note at left regarding file size)
Environmental Documentation Environmental Documentation

  Notice of Intent...51 Kb file size.
  Notice of Preparation...779 Kb file size (see note at left regarding file size)
  Revised Scoping Report ...4207 Kb file size
  Draft EIR (not yet available)
  2003 Technical Measurement and Monitoring Report...127 Kb file size
       Figure 1........7817 Kb file size
       Figure 2........1833 Kb file size
       Figure 3........5076 Kb file size
       Presentation..1448 Kb file size

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