Dr.Gilmore Photo

Dr. J. Michael Gilmore
Director, Operational Test & Evaluation
Office of the Secretary of Defense

Dr. J. Michael Gilmore was sworn in as Director, Operational Test and Evaluation on September 23, 2009. A Presidential appointee confirmed by the United States Senate, he serves as the senior advisor to the Secretary of Defense on operational and live fire test and evaluation of Department of Defense weapon systems.

Prior to his current appointment, Dr. Gilmore was the Assistant Director for National Security at the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In this position, he was responsible for CBOís National Security Division, which performs analyses of major policy and program issues in national defense, international affairs, and veteransí affairs. Specific areas of investigation included the long-term implications of current defense policies and programs, the implications of transformation for equipping and operating U.S. military forces, the effectiveness and costs of alternative approaches to modernizing U.S. military forces, and the resource demands associated with operating and supporting U.S. military forces.  Read More

DOT&E News & Updates

November 10, 2016: The OSD DOT&E Working Oversight List has been updated. CAC required to view.

August 12, 2016: The DOT&E Guidance Memorandum Cybersecurity Operational Test and Evaluation Priorities and Improvements has been posted.

June 03, 2016: The OSD DOT&E Training Page has been updated.

April 27, 2016: The presentation The Value of Rigorous Statistical and Analytical Techniques in Test and Evaluation has been posted.

March 21, 2016: The DOT&E Guidance Memorandum Guidance on the Validation of Models and Simulation used in Operational Test and Live Fire Assessments has been posted.