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Overview (updated 10/2/2014)

The Advanced Research and Technology Support (ARTS) contract is a task order contract with 8 competency-based task orders and a management task order. The first option period for the ARTS contract was awarded September 25, 2014. The period of performance is October 1, 2014 through September 30, 2015.

Currently, there are nine Task Orders with 54 subtasks as noted in the table below:

  1. Management (1)
  2. Air-Breathing Propulsion (7)
  3. Materials and Structures for Extreme Environments (15)
  4. Physical, Biological, and Biomedical Sciences and Technologies in Space (15)
  5. Power, Energy Storage and Conversion (2)
  6. In-Space Propulsion and Cryogenic Fluids Management (2)
  7. Communication Technology and Development (0)
  8. Instrumentation and Controls (8)
  9. General Science (4)


This contract will enable Glenn Research Center (GRC) to secure and sustain specialized research and development capabilities essential to its role in supporting NASA’s programs.

The ARTS contract will incorporate the necessary advances in research and technologies to provide broader understanding of the effects of the environment of space; materials and structures for aerospace applications; engine systems technologies for aerospace vehicles; in-space power and propulsion systems; instrumentation, sensors, and controls for aeronautics and space systems; and technologies for safe and efficient aircraft operation in atmospheric icing conditions. The contractor shall provide research avenues (including access to resources in academia and nonprofit institutions) that, by filling gaps in knowledge, will create the foundation upon which broadly applicable new technologies can be developed. Those technologies will be applied to systems being developed by various NASA Enterprises.

ARTS Contract Awarded (8/21/2013)

  • Estimated value $40-65M
  • Four year cost contract, with IDIQ/Task Orders
  • Follow on contract to SSETS, NNC08BA08B, including consolidation of other smaller, similar contracts and grants that are within scope.


  1. If you have questions specific to a Task Order or the Task Order process, please contact the Contracting Officer.
  2. If you have a general question or comment, please use this online form. A general answer may be posted in response to your question and/or similar questions.