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FY17 IDEA - Basic Funding Application Now Available in GME (11/2/2016)

The Arizona Department of Education/ Exceptional Student Service division is pleased to announce the release of the 2017 IDEA Basic Entitlement application.


The purpose of these funds is to assist in assuring that all children with disabilities, aged 3 through 21, have available to them a free appropriate public education (FAPE) which emphasizes special education and related services designed to meet their unique needs.  A LEA may use the funds under Part B for the excess costs of providing special education and related services. It is strongly recommended that you view the 2017 IDEA Basic Application Download and worksheets prior to the final online application submission.  You may confirm your FY17 allocation by viewing the 2017 IDEA Basic Entitlement Allocations at .


Beginning this year, FY2017, each LEA must sign and submit an IDEA ASSURANCE document with their grant application. It can be found in the related documents section of the grant.  In addition, all “expanding” charter schools will submit expansion information within this IDEA Basic grant rather than through the IDEA Charter School Expansion Act (CSEA) grant.


The first deadline date for submitting the 2017 IDEA Basic application is for December 2, 2016.

For allocation and other programmatic questions please contact Alice Q. Nunes at 602.542.3851 or


FY17 ESEA Consolidated Now Open; Contact Link Updated (10/6/2016)
The FY17 ESEA Consolidated Funding Application is now open.  Any questions regarding allocations or other programmatic questions should be directed to the program area.  

Program area contact information can be accessed by clicking on the link below and then clicking on "LEA Specialists" on the right side of the page for a list of specialists by LEA, or on "Contact Us" for general contact info:

(NOTE:  Copy and paste link into browser if direct link does not work)
User Access in GME (9/29/2016)

Access to the system is fully handled by the LEA and is a two-set process involving both ADEConnect and the Grants Management System (GME).

Depending on whether or not you are already set up as a user in ADEConnect, you may need to work with whoever within your district has the role of Entity Administrator in ADEConnect as well as the role of User Access Administrator within the Grants Management System (GME).

To aid all users as well as the GME User Access Administrators, please see the GME Document LIbrary under the main heading GME Reference Guidesand the subheading User Roles and User Access Administration in GME.  This guide describes GME user roles as well as provides a walk through to adding/updating/deleting user roles. 

If your Entity is new to GME, a 2017 General Statement of Assurance (GSA) and W-9, both located in the Document Library, will need to be submitted to  For information on the CCR registration, please visit the site.  Processing of new Entity’s in GME is a minimum of 48 hours.  You will be notified once the processing of forms are complete to finalize next steps.


2016 Interest Accrued Reporting Instructions (7/28/2016)

Attention Local Education Agencies:

Please be advised that the procedures for reporting your 2016 interest accrued on 2016 Federal Completion Reports has been revised.  All interest accrued July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016 must be reported on the Completion Report per grant, regardless of the amount.  You will not remit 2016 interest per grant as instructed in prior years.

Per Uniform Grant Guidance CFR 200.305, Interest earned amounts up to $500 per year may be retained by the non-Federal entity for administrative expense.  If your accumulative interest earned for all your Federal grants is in excess of 500.00, the amount in excess of $500.00 will need to be returned. Upon approval of all of your 2016 Federal Grant Completion Reports, you will receive a Return of Interest letter indicating the amount of 2016 interest owed to the Arizona Department of Education.  You will not be required to return 2016 interest if you do not receive this letter.

Please do not remit your 2016 interest funds unless you have received the return of interest letter.


For questions, please contact Grants Management at or on our hotline 602.542.3901.

Fiscal Monitoring - Federal Monitoring Procedure Update (6/21/2016)

The following Federal Monitoring procedure documents have been added to the Fiscal Monitoring folder in the GME Document Library:
  • AS03 Resolution of Single Audit Findings
  • GE-24 Single Audit Report
Please direct any inquiries to
Public Access for the Grants Management System (8/17/2015)

A quick reference guide to assist those with questions regarding public access to GME has been added to the Document Library. 

All APPROVED Funding Applications, Reimbursement Requests, Completion Reports (including all History Log comments) and all other publicly accessible information can be viewed by going directly to .  No user roles or permissions are required to view these items.

November Webinar Schedule (LEAs/External Users) (11/16/2016)
November Webinar Schedule

Registration closes for each webinar at 9am on the day of the event.

*  Register to attend via the EMS system here --> 
*  A guide to using the EMS calendar can be found here --> EMS Quick Reference Guide
*  Course material related to the webinars is located in the GME Document Library under "GME User Reference Guides

All webinars are scheduled from 11:00am - 12:00pm

11/9 - Completion Report Overview

11/16 - User Roles and User Access Administration in GME 

11/17 - Reimbursement Request Overview

11/23 - Funding Application Overview

11/30 - GME Navigation Basics 

IMPORTANT:  Participants who attend using an event link provided by another registrant cannot be registered in EMS after the event, and thus will be unable to receive a certificate of completion. 

December Webinar Schedule (11/16/2016)
December Webinar Schedule

Registration closes for each webinar at 9am on the day of the event.

*  Register to attend via the EMS system here --> 
*  A guide to using the EMS calendar can be found here --> EMS Quick Reference Guide
*  Course material related to the webinars is located in the GME Document Library under "GME User Reference Guides

All webinars are scheduled from 11:00am - 12:00pm

Please log in a minimum of 15 minutes prior to start time to allow for technical issues with Blackboard Collaborate; participants can log in as early as 30 minutes prior to scheduled start time

12/1 - Completion Report Overview

12/7 - User Roles and User Access Administration in GME 

12/8 - Completion Report Overview

12/14 - Reimbursement Request Overview

12/15 - Completion Report Overview

12/21 - GME Navigation Basics 

12/22 - Funding Application Overview

IMPORTANT:  Participants who attend using an event link provided by another registrant cannot be registered in EMS after the event, and thus will be unable to receive a certificate of completion. 



Please mark your calendars so you don’t miss this important due date.

Ø  FY16 Completion Report Due Date: November 13, 2016

Current year projects will be placed on an automatic system hold for completion reports not submitted by the deadline.

Please contact Mary Ricci-Marriott with any questions.



In light of recent user access security issues that have been experienced by some LEAs, it's important to remember to review and update your organization's user access monthly, at a minimum.  Please also remember that user access in GME is handled SOLELY by the LEA users with the role User Access Administrator. The following are several user access scenarios requiring action:

*  Employee leaves organization -->  Remove roles from the user in GME; deactivate user in ADEConnect (contact ADESupport at 602.542.7378 for assistance with ADEConnect)

*  Employee moves to different position within organization & no longer needs GME access  -->  Remove roles from user in GME; modify permissions (as applicable) in ADEConnect

*  Employee has name and/or email address change  -->  Update user in ADEConnect FIRST as changes which impact email address will need to update overnight before name/email address changes made in GME are effective     

System security is a priority which can only be safeguarded by regularly by monitoring user access for your organization.  User Access Administrators can provide this role to others within their organization to aid in more timely monitoring of user access security.  

For more information on user roles and user access administration, join us for our webinar on this topic on 10/12/16.  (See October Webinar Schedule on the GME Home page for full details).

For additional assistance please feel free to contact us at or by phone at 602.542.3901

Correct Email Address for the Grants Management Team (10/7/2016)

email for the Grants Management team should be sent to, (which will be displayed as Grants Management Inbox). 


Please do NOT use the old Grants Management Group email address – if you have this email address saved please delete it from your address book. 


Thank you for your assistance in providing this information to all those within your organization who have need to contact us.


  • Arizona Department of Education
  • 1535 West Jefferson Street
  • Phoenix, Arizona 85007
  • (844) 893-9789 or local (602) 542-3901