Office of Digital & Design Innovation

Driving innovation in global news

ODDI uses open source technologies to drive the future of US international media. Our teams design creative solutions to tomorrow's challenges of creating, distributing and measuring the impact of news and information for today's global audience.

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Future of video on Facebook

Video on the Facebook platform isn’t going away, but it isn’t going stay the same either. Because Facebook controls the platform, it has the ability to push new technologies, experiences and other business objectives. Chances are that we’ll see old video formats mutate and perhaps see the creation of entirely new types of storytelling.

Our teams

ODDI’s teams of designers, developers and storytellers help drive USIM digital projects.

Mobile Apps

Balancing the needs of emerging markets with innovative modern technologies to create Android, iOS and feature phone apps for next generation audiences in more than 200 countries.

Storytelling + UX

Designing, prototyping and building new tools to enhance the next generation of digital storytelling. We make data-driven decisions to improve the interaction between our users and our products.


Developing open source solutions using emerging technologies and open web standards for the next generation of international journalists and global audiences.

Digital Audio + Video

Providing product and strategy support for the BBG's five networks. Projects range from digital platform optimization to creating mobile optimized content experiences.

Project Rize

Africa Rizing connects the next generation of global influencers from across the Continent, and around the world to engage in ‘a smarter conversation’.

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