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United States European Command

Our Mission

USEUCOM prepares ready forces, ensures strategic access, deters conflict, enables the NATO Alliance, strengthens partnerships, and counters transnational threats in order to protect and defend the United States.

Our Vision

USEUCOM is engaged, postured, and ready with forward deployed U.S. forces. We will enable and execute a full range of military missions in concert with our indispensable European Allies and partners to secure U.S. national interests and support a Europe whole, free, and at peace.

European Command Portals


  • Audience: All EUCOM users and DoD CAC holders
  • FOUO data
  • Replaces: http://portal.cie.eucom.mil
  • Accessible internal to and external to the EUCOM domain via CAC card
  • Command Account also gives access to Partners Portal

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  • Audience: All EUCOM users, DoD CAC holders, and approved outside partners
  • NGO and Other partners collaboration
  • Replaces: https://GlobalAction.net
  • Accessible internal to and external to the EUCOM domain with both CAC and Username/password

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