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Equal Opportunity is the Law

It is against the law for the South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation (SDDLR), a recipient of Federal financial assistance, to discriminate on the following bases:

SDDLR must not discriminate in any of the following areas:

What To Do If You Believe You Have Experienced Discrimination

If you think that you have been subjected to discrimination under a WIA Title I- financially assisted program or activity, you must file a complaint within 180 days from the date of the alleged violation. This complaint must be filed with the State of South Dakota, Department of Labor & Regulation Equal Opportunity Officer/Customer Relations at (801) 526-4390 or 1-800-331-4341, or in writing to either SDDLR or The Civil Rights Center, as listed below:

Equal Opportunity Officer
SD Department of Labor & Regulation
Kneip Building
700 Governor's Drive
Pierre, SD 57501


The Director, Civil Rights Center (CRC)
U.S. Department of Labor
200 Constitution Ave.
Room N-4123
Washington, DC 20210

If you file a complaint with SDDLR, you must wait until SDDLR issues a written Notice of Final Action, or until 90 days have passed (whichever is sooner), before filing with the CRC, (see address above).

If SDDLR does not send you a written Notice of Final Action within 90 days of the day on which you filed your complaint, you do not have to wait for SDDLR to issue that Notice before filing a complaint with CRC. However, you must file your CRC complaint within 30 days of the 90-day deadline (in other words, within 120 days after the day on which you filed your complaint with SDDLR).

If SDDLR does give you a written Notice of Final Action on your complaint, but you are dissatisfied with the decision or resolution, you may file a complaint with CRC. You must file your CRC complaint within 30 days of the date on which you received the Notice of Final Action.


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The South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation may make changes to information at any time to add, update, or correct the information provided. The South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation attempts to maintain the highest accuracy of content on its web site. Any errors or omissions should be reported for investigation. If misleading or otherwise inappropriate information is brought to our attention, a reasonable effort will be made to correct or remove it.

Use of this service is limited to individual job seekers and employers who agree to hold the SDDLR harmless for any use of the information for reasons other than the stated purpose.

The South Dakota Department of Labor & Regulation offers this web site, including all information and services; to the public and the persons using this web site will make their own determination how suitable the information and data is for their use. In no event will the SDDLR be responsible for damages resulting from the use or reliance upon this information and data. The SDDLR does not warrant that the use of information from the SDDLR will not infringe or violate the rights of others.

One who uses the information available for public use from the SDDLR assumes the risk of using or relying on such information. Neither the SDDLR, its employees, nor its agents shall be liable for any damages a user incurs because of viewing, distributing, or copying materials made available to the public.