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SOAR Module
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Last Updated: 02/23/2015 @ 13:44
Message: NOTICE: Meta-SOARS Application to Go Live on February 24th

The Meta-SOARS application is scheduled to Go Live on February 24th for users supporting mission operations for the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and the following Earth Science missions: AQUA, AURA, CloudSat, EO1, ERBS, GPM, GRACE1, GRACE2, ICESAT, LANDSAT-2 (-B), LANDSAT-3 (-C), LANDSAT-4 (-D), LANDSAT-5 (-D'), LANDSAT-7, QUIKSCAT, SORCE, TERRA, TOMS-EP, TRMM and UARS.

Effective February 23rd, access to the legacy SOARS system by users in support of the above missions is limited to read-only in order to complete the transition of data to the Meta-SOARS application.

SOARS users will be informed via email when the Meta-SOARS application is open for use on February 24th for mission operations supporting HST and Earth Science missions. Please note that users supporting missions under Space Science Mission Operations (SSMO) will continue to use the legacy SOARS system at this time, pending the transition of SSMO users in several weeks.

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The SOARS module is an archiving database tool that systematically records a summary of the anomalies after the spacecraft has been launched and is now in orbit.

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