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Utah Consolidated Application Home

Welcome to the USBE's - Utah Consolidated Application site (9/9/2009)
Instructions for General Public usage of the UCA can be found by choosing the HELP link on the left menu and choosing the plus (+) signs to open the folders. For training and site usage materials, please visit the Help link or the Document Library link located on your left. After you are taken to the homepage of the UCA Document Library, click the + sign next to UCA User Documentation. You will have access to PowerPoint presentations, which you should view on your computer as a slide show.
UCA 2017 Application Submission (8/1/2016)
Remember as LEA staff complete the UCA Grant Applications, the USBE assumes that your Local Board of Education is aware of the funds you are applying for, as well as your LEA Educational Plan, being submitted to the USBE through this electronic process, and that your BOE review has been completed prior to the District Superintendent or Charter School Administrators approving any application for FY17 submissions of funding by NOVEMBER 1.

District Superintendent or Charter School Administrator Agreement and Business Administrator Agreement for funding applications in UCA:

By submitting this automated application, the local education agency representatives assure that the application has been authorized by the board of education of the local education agency, and the undersigned representatives have been duly authorized by formal action of the board to file this application for, and on behalf of, the local education agency, and otherwise to act as the authorized representatives of the local education agency in connection with this application. By submitting this automated application, the local education agency is acknowledging that it understands and agrees to abide by the applicable assurances attached to this application.

Starting Funding Applications (7/7/2016)
The Funding Application must be moved to DRAFT STARTED when you want to enter information into the Application pages. Draft Started or Revision Started are the ONLY two application statuses in which you can edit anything in a Funding Application.  So, look at the top of the funding application Sections page:
Application Status: Not Started
Change Status To: Draft Started
UCA ACCESS instructions (12/8/2010)
To access information in the UCA without a log-in, use the Help link on the left menu. For support, please contact the UCA helpdesk at 801-538-7604.
21st Century Grant information (8/30/2010)
The 21st Century Community Learning Center application listed at the bottom of the Funding Applications page is not required by all LEAs and Charter Schools. This is a competitive funding application that opens in the Spring of each year to eligible entities who provide for before and after school programs . For a description of the 21st CCLC competitive grant program, please refer to the 21st CCLC Grant Summary located in the document library or contact Lisa Wisham for more information. (801-538-7825).