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High School Aerospace Scholars

High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS)

HAS is an interactive online learning experience for high school juniors in Texas. Selected students are nominated by their State Legislator, have an interest in math, science, engineering or computer science and are encouraged to pursue high tech careers. Participation is highlighted by a six-day experience at the Johnson Space Center.
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National Community College Aerospace Scholars

NATIONAL Community College Aerospace Scholars (NCAS)

NCAS is in its pilot year, offering an opportunity for community college students across the United States to participate in an online interactive learning experience culminating in an onsite experience at NASA's Johnson Space Center (JSC). Students will research the possibility of a mission to Mars.
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Community College Aerospace Scholars

TEXAS Community College Aerospace Scholars (CAS)

Funded by the Texas legislature, CAS, gives teams of community college students from across the state of Texas an opportunity to participate in a unique on-site team project. Students are involved in web-based interactive activities prior to their arrival at Johnson Space Center.

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Texas Aerospace Scholars Internship

Texas Aerospace Scholars Internship (TAS)

Interested students must be TAS program alumni, which encompasses former student participants of High School Aerospace Scholars (HAS) and Community College Aerospace Scholars (CAS). Qualified applicants must be pursuing an undergraduate degree in a STEM-related (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) degree field.

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