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photo of Stuart Rogers

NASA Spotlights Latest Science and Technology Advances at Annual Supercomputing Conference

11.08.16 – Experts from NASA centers and U.S. universities around the country will present their latest research results and achievements at SC16, the international high-performance computing conference, Nov. 14-17 in Salt Lake City, Utah. The NASA booth (#1511) will feature 40 presentations and demonstrations of NASA mission projects in aeronautics, Earth and space science, and space exploration—all enabled by the agency's high-performance computers. Visit the NASA@SC16 website

photo of Stuart Rogers

New Podcast Features NAS Aerospace Engineer Stuart Rogers

11.02.16 – NASA award-winning aerospace engineer Stuart Rogers gives us insight into his important work to combine complex simulations and wind tunnel results for designing next-generation aircraft and spacecraft. NAS’s Pleiades supercomputer is key to the process. Listen to podcast

snapshot from a simulation of Lyman-alpha blob

Galactic Fireworks Illuminate Monster Hydrogen Blob

09.22.16 – An international team of researchers using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array and other telescopes has discovered the power source illuminating a so-called Lyman-alpha Blob—a rare, brightly glowing, and enormous concentration of gas in the distant universe. Simulations were run on the NAS facility's Pleiades supercomputer. Read More

Thumbnail image of sunspots

Slow Appearance of Sunspots Challenges Theory

07.13.16 – Comparing data from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory with computer simulations run at the NASA Advanced Supercomputing (NAS) Division, scientists find that sunspots rise to the surface much more slowly than predicted. Read More

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