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This website will be updated to reflect the new structure of the Kentucky Claims Commission.

The Board of Claims, along with the Board of Tax Appeals and the Crime Victims Compensation Board, has been restructured into one entity: the Kentucky Claims Commission.  Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin created the commission in an effort to reduce government inefficiency and to streamline and accelerate a process that will result in faster, less expensive and better service for Kentuckians.
The Board of Claims was established by the Kentucky General Assembly in 1946 with the mission to ensure an impartial and fair review of all claims filed by citizens who believe their person or property has been damaged through negligence of the part of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

The Commission acts under the authority of KRS Chapter 44 and KAR Title 108  to determine whether a state agency has been negligent, consequently causing damages, loss or injury to a claimant.

Anyone may file a claim with KCC-Claims for damages incurred.  A claim will be reduced by the amount a claimant is entitled to receive from any other source, including private medical or vehicle insurance (also known as offsets).
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