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Photo of the Pathways & NIFS Groups
Photo of the Pathways & NIFS Groups (Click on photo to enlarge)

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To receive notification of open KSC Pathways Positions please visit, create an account and then create a "saved search." This will allow you to receive an email when any opportunities open that match the critieria that you set (i.e. Keyword – mechanical engineering, Agency – NASA, Location – Florida, GS Level – 5 and above).

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Welcome Students and Recent Graduates

At KSC, a flexible, mission-focused workforce is the key to our success. KSC serves as NASA's Center of Excellence for both launch and payload processing systems.

KSC is rich with tradition and interesting stories. It is from KSC that Neil Armstrong and the rest of the Apollo 11 crew lifted off on the way to becoming the first humans to step foot on the moon. Where else can you walk the footsteps of such tradition? Where else can you watch fellow Americans leave this Earth and fulfill a centuries old dream of reaching the stars?

Today, NASA is on the edge of a bold new challenge. NASA is creating an exciting future where it will develop capabilities for the next generation to explore space, expand commercial access to space for crew and cargo, and develop many more missions to explore our home planet, the solar system and the universe beyond. We want you to be a part of this great legacy, by joining our team!

Wishing you success in your career endeavors!

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Pathways Programs

Here is our KSC Pathways Program Brochure.

Typical KSC Open Application Periods
(This schedule is subject to changes)

Announcements Open September/October for positions starting in January
Announcements Open February/March for positions starting in June

On December 27, 2012 President Obama signed an executive order establishing the internship program and the recent graduates program and revising and reinvigorating the presidential management fellows program. These two new programs, along with the PMF program, collectively form what the President called the Pathways Programs

  • Internship Employment Program (IEP) - for students currently enrolled in a qualifying degree seeking program
  • Recent Graduate Program (RGP) – a 1 year developmental program for candidates who have graduated (Bachelors, Masters, or Doctoral programs) within the past two years (or 6 years if you were on active military duty)
  • Presidential Management Fellowship Program (PMFP) – a developmental program for candidates who have graduated with advanced degrees (Masters or Doctoral programs) within the past two years (or 6 years if you were on active military duty)