About the MSFC Science Research Office (SRO)

The Science Research Office (SRO) is a division of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center’s Science and Technology Office. The MSFC Science and Technology Office applies advanced concepts and capabilities to perform research, develop technologies, and manage programs, projects, and activities that fall at the intersection of science and exploration.  The mission of the Science Research Office is to expand scientific knowledge and explore the Earth and our universe in support of National and Agency goals. We are comprised of NASA civil servants, colleagues, and support personnel, working in alliance with academia, US federal agencies, and international partners to develop space, airborne, and ground-based capabilities to better understand our home planet and its space environment.

The MSFC Science Research Office performs research and development in select disciplines of Earth and space science:

By focusing on specific research areas, the SRO performs cutting-edge science in support of NASA missions, earning a global reputation for advancing the state of the art in research and technology. The key to our success has been continues to be the Agency’s investments in people, facilities, and partnerships, which allow NASA to maintain and expand its scientific and engineering excellence.