Venture Parks Talking Points

The purpose of creating an Outdoor Venture Park is to meet and anticipate park visitors’ expectations of the Nebraska Game and Parks. It is important to Nebraska Game and Parks to create positive, exciting and relaxing opportunities for visitors to the parks that leave a lasting impression which will keep them coming back. VIEW >>

NGPC Open Data

NGPC ArcGIS Data Site Receives Kudos

Esri recently highlighted the Commission's open data website as the "ArcGIS Open Data Site of the Week." The website offers more than 50 high-quality datasets ready for Nebraskans to discover and use to answer their questions about the state’s fish, wildlife, park, and outdoor recreation areas.

New Photo Database

NEBRASKAland Magazine photo database is now available.

Focusing on the Future

Focus on the Future

Focusing on the Future is a strategic plan to help direct the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s work activities for the next four years. The document is intended to provide a common understanding of where the agency will focus efforts to position for successful delivery of high-quality products and services for our public.


2014 Annual Report

2012-Annual ReportThe 2014 Annual Report represents the highlights of activities and events of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission during the 2012 calendar year.  Complete division reports with further information and detail are available by contacting the division administrators.

The mission of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is stewardship of the state's fish, wildlife, park, and outdoor recreation resources in the best long-term interests of the people and those resources.