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Telework participants should first discuss participation with their management.

This site is your guide to the various JPL IT remote access tools and applications that will help you work more effectively from home. Review the "Requirements" and "Telework Checklist" below to make sure you are ready to work from home either occasionally, on a regular basis, or when an emergency occurs and physical access to the Lab is restricted.

Requirements >>

Advance preparation is critical. Here are the basic requirements to get started:

Telework Checklist >>

Use this checklist to prepare for Telework on you JPL-issued laptop (recommended) or home computer.

Software Updates — Make sure you have the latest Core Software. Get more information on how to update Core software for Windows and Core software for Mac on your subscribed (JPL-issued) system.

Remote Network Access — Do you have a Remote Access Account? Details >>

  • Sign up for a Remote Access Account if you don't already have one. Some participants may need manager approval for a remote access account.
  • Order a Token via the JPL IT Catalog if you are connected to the JPL Network. TFA is required for all JPL Remote Access users (VPN and BrowserRAS). Anytime you use BrowserRAS or VPN, you are required to use a token for login. You have your choice of a physical token or a soft token that can be downloaded to your smartphone (iPhone, Android, Windows). You can visit the Two-Factor Authentication (TFA) service page for addtional information.
  • Go to the RAS Portal to access the JPL Network with either VPN (including the Research Network) or BrowserRAS.

    IMPORTANT - the default VPN option when using the RAS Portal or the Network Connect Client is Full Tunnel. It is important to note that when using VPN Full Tunnel, you will not have access to your home network (temporarily while on VPN Full Tunnel) such as network printers and file sharing. You can resume home printing when you log off of VPN. Split Tunnel option will allow for home printing. For more more information on VPN options go to Remote Access Service and click on "What is Full Tunnel vs Split Tunnel?"

    Note: If you are using a non-subscribed or home computer and need to download the Network Connect client, follow the instructions to Install and Use VPN for your platform.

Webmail (Calendar & Email) Remotely — Ensure you can access your email and calendar using Webmail at

Jabber for Chat, Presence, Directory Lookups, Voice and Video Calls, and Visual Voicemal — Jabber is a multi-function tool that gives you the freedom to be productive from anywhere, on any device. Details >>

Jabber allows you to access presence, instant messaging (IM), voice, video, voice messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing. It helps you find people, see if and how they are available, and collaborate using your preferred method.

For more information and to download Jabber, go to

WebEx for meetings — Ensure you are familiar with attending meetings remotely via WebEx. Details >>

Forward Calls — If you have a Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone, you can forward all incoming calls to any telephone. Follow the instructions at JPL VoIP Call Forwarding.

Voice Mail — If you are not forwarding your calls to an alternative phone number, ensure you are familiar with how to check your JPL voice mail remotely. Details >>

  • You can listen to your messages via telephone by calling 818-354-7330 or 1-800-321-5660. Enter your ID (5-digit extension) followed by #, then enter your PIN, followed by #.
  • You can also listen to your messages through your computer, but you must use VPN or BrowserRAS via the RAS Portal to access the Web page: Start by entering your JPL user name and password.
  • Learn more about the JPL Voice Mail Service.

Access and Share your Data — Ensure that you have access to your data and can collaborate while working on your laptop or home computer. Details >>

  • Desktop Backup/inSync Share (Druva) — If your files are being backed up by the Desktop Backup Service, go to Desktop Backup/inSync Share web page for more information on accessing and sharing files. If you need to set up Desktop Backup on your system, contact the Unified Service Desk at 818-354-4357.
  • NearSpace — Consider putting your data on NearSpace which can be accessed from any location when you are on the JPL Network. If you are working remotely, you may access your NearSpace data from VPN (If you have a PC, there is a NearSpace icon on your desktop) or BrowserRAS via the RAS Portal. Note: If you have not put your files into Nearspace in advance, you will not be able to do so remotely.

    You must be connceted to the JPL Internet to access both inSync share and NearSpace.

Contact Information: Make sure that your Contact Information is current.
Add your cell/pager/pager PIN/alternate phone numbers by loggin into the Change Your JPL Password and Directory Listing.

Large File Transfer — Send large files securely without using VPN – Login to the Large File Transfer system.

Home Computer for Telework - If you are using your home computer, you will also need to check these items:

Check For Security Updates — Ensure you are running the latest vendor security updates for your home system by setting up automatic updates for your particular operating system. See Apple security updates for the Mac, or Microsoft security updates for Windows.

Anti-virus Software — Is your home computer running the latest in virus protection? You may download a copy for your home computer from the JPL IT Catalog. Note: You will need to be logged into the JPL Network via VPN or BrowserRAS to access the anti-virus downloads.

Office Suite — If you have a subscribed system (LMC-tagged) you can download a personal copy of the latest, approved version of Office to install on your home system. Login to the JPL IT Catalog via VPN and follow the instructions to download your copy. Note: If you are running versions earlier than Office 2010, you may have compatability issues.

Go to the Catalog Login and follow the instructions to order your copy. It will be sent to you through the interoffice mail.

JPL Bookmarks — Since you will be using a different computer, you will need to make sure you access to the bookmarks you use most often on your office computer. You may add bookmarks onto your JPL Space page, which you can access through VPN or BrowserRAS via the RAS Portal. JPL Space also provides links to many common Web sites.

NOTICE - VPN has Changed!
Pulse Secure is JPL's new Virtual Private Network (VPN).
For more information on Pulse Secure please go to Remote Access Service.


  • If you need assistance, please submit a Service Request, or contact the Service Desk directly at 4-HELP (818-354-4357).