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*If you are looking for reports for Insurance data, you do not need to create an account on this site.  That information is located on the NAIC website.  Click here to go to the NAIC website.

   *If you are needing limited information on only one, or a few, licensees, then our License Search Application at http://verify.tn.gov might work better for you than a full report from this site.

Helpful Information For Using Downloadable Reports:

  • You MUST register an account, activate it, and login to download any reports.  If you are not logged in, you will not be able to add any reports to your basket, checkout, and download.

  • If you do NOT receive an email with an activation link, after you register a new account, please check your email account to make sure the email hasn't been blocked as SPAM (email will likely be located in a folder named SPAM).  If you can't find the email in your SPAM folder, make sure that ce.apps@tn.gov is in your address book, then contact us and ask for a new activation link.

  • Once you have checked out a report (added it to your basket and completed the checkout process), the report will be in your "My Account" section for 30 days.  You will not need to check that report out again for 30 days.  Simply go to My Account, and click on the "My Downloadable Reports" tab to access your checked out reports.

  • The report(s) you have checked out will be updated daily, automatically, with the most current data.

  • If you do not find the report/data that you need, try searching the store.  Use the name of the profession you are needing data on for the search keyword (e.g. contractor, barber, surveyor).

Downloadable Reports Are Available For These Divisions: