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 ALIRTS Check the Browser
Use this page to check and see if ALIRTS will work well with your browser as it is currently configured.

In the table below a result for each feature, items in GREEN are OK, items in Yellow are warnings (ALIRTS may or may not work as expected), items in RED indicate that the browser is not configured correctly to support ALIRTS pages.

OSHPD Home Page

Your browser is not Internet Explorer, the web application might not display correctly on your screen. Please be advise.

ALIRTS Home Page

A few general notes:
  1. Parts of ALIRTS use popup windows, if the browser has pop-up blocking on, then some pages in ALIRTS will not behave correctly. As there is not easy way for the ALIRTS web server to check for this, the user will need to confirm this is set correctly
  2. Likewise, some anti-virus or internet security, or internet filtering software can cause ALIRTS not to work as desired. If issues are experianced, try configuring those programs to trust or be off for this site.

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