Strategic Growth Plan, Bond Accountability

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UC Proposition 1D

Proposition 1D provides UC with $690 million over a two year period to fund construction and renovation of its facilities to address enrollment growth, seismic and life safety needs, and renewal of outdated infrastructure. The bond funds also allow UC to continue building out its new campus in Merced, which is central to keeping the University’s promise of educational access to the youth of the San Joaquin Valley and throughout California.

The bond measure also provides $200 million for facilities and state-of-the-art telemedicine equipment to support increased enrollments in UC’s “PRograms in Medical Education” (PRIME), which are aimed at improving health care for currently underserved populations and communities in California.




Summary Status of Bond Expenditures
University of California
Proposition 1D (2006 Bond Measure)


Amount Authorized
Amount Committed***
Capital Outlay Projects $690,000,000 $675,816,000


Telemedicine / PRIME Projects $200,000,000
Statewide Costs*
Administrative Costs**
Total $890,000,000 $887,465,898 $2,534,102
* Statewide costs are administrative and interest costs that are those charged by agencies other than the University, such as State Treasurer's Office, State Controller's Office, and Department of Finance. Statewide costs are estimated to be 1% of the total appropriation.
** Costs to administer bond funds at UC are paid from general University funds.
*** Committed means that the identified funds have been appropriated or allotted for appropriation through the budget process.


UC Projects by Campus

*The funding shown here reflects only the amount of State funds appropriated in the Project.