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Division of Apprenticeship Standards

The Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS) creates opportunities for Californians to gain employable lifetime skills and provides employers with a highly skilled and experienced workforce while strengthening California's economy.

National Apprenticeship Week November 14-18, 2016

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California Apprenticeship Council

California Apprenticeship Council

The California Apprenticeship Council council holds open quarterly meetings to support apprenticeships in California. The council provides policy advice on apprenticeship matters to the Director of Industrial Relations, issues rules and regulations, and conducts appeals hearings.

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Public Works

Public Works Projects

Public Works refers to construction projects that are paid for with public funds, or in some cases using both public and private funds.

One of the legal requirements for a Public Works project is the employment of apprentices. The Division of Apprenticeship Standards provides assistance to contractors in employing apprentices on Public Works sites.

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November 2016