The Boise National Forest is located in central Idaho.
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The Boise National Forest’s vast landscape spans over 2.5 million acres of diverse forest and grassland.  Located northeast of Idaho’s capital city of Boise, recreationists can explore the North Fork Payette River Canyon at 2,800 feet in elevation to the nearly 10,000 foot peak of Trinity Mountain.  Whether you choose to explore any of more than 500 trails, or cool off in one of over 250 lakes and reservoirs, the Boise National Forest is truly an outdoor enthusiast’s dream!



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INCIWEB is used for information about wildfires and Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) efforts.

To locate Boise National Forest fire information, click on the State dropdown link in the right corner and choose Idaho. 


10-17-2014 Middle Fork Repairs 2






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These official sites for information (including fire information) for the Boise National Forest.

Facebook: U.S. Forest Service – Boise National Forest

Twitter: @BoiseNF


Inciweb:  (use drop down –top right- Idaho)

Hunting information:

Idaho smoke information:

Fire Restrictions:



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Watch Videos of Special Places to Visit!


Visit the Mountain Home RD - Campgrounds in the Trinity Recreation Area.

Visit the Mountain Home RD - Campgrounds adjacent to Anderson Ranch Reservoir and along the South Fork Boise River

Visit the Idaho City RD

Visit the Emmett RD

Visit the Emmett RD - Middle Fork Payette River

Visit the Lowman RD- Deadwood Lookout & Campgrounds

Visit the Lowman RD - Kirkham and Bull Trout Campgrounds

Visit the Cascade RD



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Download the Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway Historic Auto Tour to your MP3 player today!




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View Each Ranger District For More Information About Recreational Opportunities


Beautiful colored aspens by Linda Bryant


The Boise National Forest has 5 Ranger Districts, the Supervisor's Office, Lucky Peak Nursery and a Guard Station in Garden Valley and High Valley.


Cascade RD - Featured areas:  Highway 55 and 22, Cascade Reservoir, Warm Lake, Johnson Creek, Landmark, Cascade, Yellowpine      

Emmett RD - Featured areas:  Highway 17, Sage Hen Reservoir, Middle and South Fork Payette River, Crouch, Garden Valley       

Idaho City RD - Featured areas:  Highway 21, Mores Creek, Granite Ck, Banner Ridge, Middle Fk Boise River, Barber Flats, Idaho City, Graham, Atlanta    

Lowman RD - Featured areas:  Highway 21 and 17, Deadwood Reservoir, Scott Mountain, Bear Valley, Bull Trout Lake, Lowman, Beautiful drive to Stanley, Idaho

Mountain Home RD - Featured areas:  Highway 20, Anderson Ranch Reservoir, Little Camas Reservoir, Lucky Peak Reservoir, Shafer Butte, Trinities Recreation Area.

Lucky Peak Nursery - Featured:  Established in 1959, the Lucky Peak Nursery grows trees, grasses and shrubs for National Forests in Southern Idaho, Utah, Nevada, Western Wyoming, Arizona, and New Mexico.


Visit Idaho's Scenic Byways - has great video of Idaho's special byways.  

Also check out  Idaho Public Television's - Idaho Scenic Byways



Recent News


Idaho Greater Sage-Grouse

Sage-Grouse - cover page photo

Once seen in great numbers across the West, Greater Sage-Grouse have declined in number over the past century because of the loss of sagebrush habitats essential for their survival.   State wildlife management agencies, along with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service (USFS), which administer most Federal lands are taking unprecedented steps to ensure the conservation of the Greater Sage-Grouse on public lands.  Read more...   USDA Forest Service - Greater-Sage-Grouse.

Soles of the Boise National Forest Employees

Firefighter boots - close up

The souls caring for your forest wear a variety of soles.

The USDA Forest Service is an agency composed of a wide array of disciplines and job opportunities. Ranging from wildland firefighting, to botany, to capitol coordinating, the Boise National Forest exemplifies the range of positions possible within the agency.

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Fire Management & Aviation

Boise Hotshots - Retardant Drop

The Boise National Forest includes over 2.5 million acres of diverse forest and grassland.  Every year, the Forest fire staff manages over 100 wildland fires within those acres.

Celebrating Wildflowers all Summer!

Idaho State Flower - Syringa

What a special treat it is to gaze upon a meadow blanketed with colorful wildflowers! Or to find a perfect bloom underneath a towering tree while hiking a forest trail. 


The Lucky Peak Nursery Grows Seedlings for Reforestation Following Wildfires

Seedlings in the greenhouse

Each year the Lucky Peak Nursery will grow between 2 and 6 million seedlings and shrubs depending on reforestation demands.

Water – A Prime Reason for the Establishment of National Forests

Beautiful photo of a rainbow trout

The Boise National Forest offers over 7,600 miles of streams and rivers and more than 250 lakes and reservoirs that beckon water sports enthusiasts to raft, kayak, fish, sail, and water ski.

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Fire Danger Level: Low