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AERONET Relational Database

Aerosol Robotic Network (AERONET) database web page contains operational databases such as instrument tracking and contact information in addition to AERONET database management information.

Calibration Tracking, Operational and Data Management Databases
*Access main databases using blue links below*

Calibration Status People and Site Information

  • GSFC - GSFC calibration log
  • Lille - PHOTONS (France) calibration log
  • RIMA - RIMA (Spain) calibration log
  • AEROCAN - AEROCAN (Canada) calibration log
  • NEON - NEON calibration log
  • Traveling Master (Sphere) - Track the location and progress of the traveling master instrument for sphere calibrations

Instrument Information Data Control
Weekly Instrument Check Shipping & Inventory

Maritime Aerosol Network Databases (Microtops Instruments)

Calibration Status Database Management
  • GSFC - GSFC calibration log for Microtops instruments
People Web Management
  • Contact List - Principal investigator contact information for each cruise

SolRad-Net Databases (Flux Sensors)

People and Site Information Database Management
  • Contact List (Site Manager, Principal Investigators, and others)
  • Image Database - Information used to create site photo/description web page
  • Site/Contact Link - Information to link a site with one or more contacts
  • Flux Data Block - Log of problems encountered while flux instruments are in the field
  • Flux Data Allow - Flux instruments to display on the web (applies to UV-A and UV-B sensors). are in the field
  • Master Instrument List - Current list of flux sensor master instruments used in demonstrat and on the web

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