This report constitutes the Alabama Consolidated Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy of the Alabama Association of Regional Councils and the twelve Regional Councils that serve the communities of the State of Alabama.   It is prepared and updated with the assistance of the United States Economic Development Administration in partnership with the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs. The task of coordinating the preparation of this Strategy and the development of this report was performed by the Planning Task Force of the Alabama Association of Regional Councils.

The Consolidated Strategy is a compilation of the efforts of the twelve Regional Councils.  It is organized into seven sections which largely reflect the technical requirements for a CEDS as stipulated by the United States Economic Development Administration.  These seven sections are:

The Planning Process for a Consolidated Strategy. This section describes the process for engaging State officials along with regional and community leaders in the economic development process;

The Economic Situation of the State and the Regions. This section presents statistical and other information to present an overall picture of the local and regional economy as well as the State economy, particularly in relation to the global economy and the greater Southeast region;

An Analysis of Economic Development Issues and Opportunities. This section includes an analysis of local and regional problems and opportunities;

The Vision of the Regional Councils for Sustainable Economic Prosperity. This section presents a statewide perspective and program for dealing with the identified problems and opportunities as well as looking forward to an broader vision of economic prosperity, environmental vitality and community wellness;

Promoting the Vision for Sustainable Economic Prosperity. This section deals with the capabilities and interests of the Regional Councils and puts forth a strategy of action for addressing the expectations and project priorities;

Strategic Projects and Programs. This section describes the vital project priorities of the various Regional Councils from the standpoint of a statewide perspective; and

Measuring Sustainable Economic Prosperity. This section describes the methods of the various Regional Councils in measuring their performance in economic development and calls for efforts to develop a system of measuring overall sustainability.


Maps associated with the Regional CEDS.

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Documents associated with the project, including regional CEDS documents and previous projects.

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