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Energy and Environment Cabinet

Elkhorn Creek - Photo by David Hargis

Division of Conservation

The Division of Conservation is charged with providing assistance to Kentucky’s 121 conservation districts to develop, administer and implement sound conservation programs across the state. Kentucky’s conservation districts are subdivisions of state government, and districts are organized with their boundaries coinciding with county lines with the exception of Logan County, which is divided into two districts. Each local district is governed by a seven-member board of supervisors elected by the registered voters within that district.
The conservation districts have been organized for the special purpose of assisting landowners and land users in solving soil and water resource problems, setting priorities for conservation work to be accomplished and coordinating the federal, state and local resources to carry out these programs.


Our Mission

  • To assist Kentucky's 121 local conservation districts in the development and implementation of sound soil and water conservation programs to manage, enhance and promote the wise use of the Commonwealth's natural resources.
  • To responsibly administer the conservation programs of the division to ensure, through conservation districts, the availability of technical and financial assistance to the landowners of Kentucky.