What We Do

The Secretary of Finance provides guidance to the four key agencies within the Finance Secretariat. These agencies handle all the financial transactions of the Commonwealth — from collecting taxes, to paying bills, to distributing aid to localities.

Their responsibilities include:

  • forecasting and collecting revenues
  • managing the Commonwealth’s cash and investments
  • selling bonds
  • overseeing internal audits
  • making strategic financial plans
  • preparing and executing the Commonwealth’s budget.

Recent News

Governor McAuliffe Announces October 2016 General Fund Revenue Collections Up 3.4% From The Previous Year And Fiscal-Year-To-Date Collections Up 3.5%
Governor McAuliffe announced today that General Fund revenue collections rose 3.4 percent in October, driven mainly by payroll withholding taxes. Although October is not a significant month for revenue collections, regular collections from
Governor McAuliffe Announces September 2016 General Fund Revenue Collections Down 2.4 Percent from the Previous Year; Fiscal-Year-To-Date Collections Up 3.6 Percent
Governor McAuliffe announced today that September General Fund revenue decreased 2.4 percent from the previous year, largely due to the timing of payroll withholding taxes. Payroll withholding fell 5.8 percent in September, following a 17.7 percent
Governor McAuliffe Announces Plan to Balance FY2016-2017 Budgets
Governor Terry McAuliffe announced his actions to balance Virginia’s Fiscal Year 2016-2017 budgets in response to a revenue shortfall. The Governor’s plan reduces spending while protecting core priorities like education, public safety and health
August 2016 General Fund Revenue Collections Up 12.0 Percent from the Previous Year
Governor McAuliffe announced today that August General Fund revenue increased 12.0 percent from the previous year with two additional deposit days boosting receipts in withholding and recordation taxes. The Governor welcomed the good news but
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