The Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) is excited to release the new and improved web-based tracking system for the Arkansas Healthy Employee Lifestyle Program (AHELP) and the Community Healthy Employee Lifestyle Program (CHELP) worksite wellness interventions. AHELP is the state employee worksite wellness intervention that supports making healthy choices the easiest choice during work hours and encourages employees to share these behaviors at home with their families.

Act 724 of 2005 was passed in support of the AHELP’s initiatives that allow state employees to earn up to three annual wellness days off for the successful participation within this program. This new system will also be used by organizations registered for the CHELP which follows the AHELP healthy behavior model but was created for employees at non-profit, for-profit, and local government worksites.

Ways to earn points.

  • Engage in physical activity
  • Eat fruits and vegetables
  • Remain or become Tobacco Free
  • Obtain annual physician wellness screenings
  • Take the Annual Health Status Assessment
  • Participate in Health Education Opportunities
  • Participate in designated Healthy Events

AHELP in Action

  1. Complete a Health Status Assessment
  2. Record healthy behaviors online to earn points
  3. Appoint a health champion to promote AHELP and CHELP marketing, recruiting, incentives, and plan employee events at your worksite
  4. Offer health education classes, walking groups and inter-agency competitions
  5. Map indoor and outdoor walking routes
  6. Reward healthy behavior points with up to 3 days of leave and other health related incentives

AHELP Daily Activities:

AHELP Yearly Activity Links: