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COV Account Request Form

Account Request Selection:

What you need to know:

COV: Commonwealth of Virginia

COV domain: The COV domain is the Commonwealth’s network of connected servers and workstations. Users are primarily from executive branch agencies and are given permission to access resources on the COV domain necessary for performing their job duties. There are some resources in the COV domain that are accessed by external users through a secure portal.

Global Address List (GAL): The Commonwealth’s directory of e-mail addresses.


  1. COV Network Account - This is a type of account that is used to logon to the COV domain. Each person who uses a computer on the COV domain receives his or her own unique account or user name. This account can then be assigned access to resources within the domain.

  2. Local Account Rights - These types of rights or permissions determine accessibility on the local machine level, not the COV network. As an example, local account rights have a higher level of access, functionality and capabilities on the local machine and are generally granted to users who are in an IT support role. The employee needing local account rights changes must also be the primary user of the computer. These types of rights are not intended for general support purposes. This section can also be used to request local account rights to servers. Please indicate the server name instead of computer name.

  3. Distribution List (DL) - This is a collection of e-mail addresses that will be grouped together to send messages to a group of people. It is available in the GAL on the COV network for all Commonwealth employees' use. A designee who will manage membership to the list must be assigned to each distribution list.

  4. Group/Shared Mailbox - This is a COV e-mail account that specified people can access. As an example, numerous VCCC analysts have access to the mailbox in order to assist those contacting the VCCC via e-mail.

  5. Folder/Share Access - A folder (or share) on the COV network that can be “shared” by numerous individuals. These individuals are granted specific rights to the files within the folder or share.

  6. zz/aa Admin Account (Windows) - This is a COV account for users who hold IT support roles that grant them a higher level of access, functionality and capabilities within the COV domain. Upon approval "zz" administrative accounts are granted to Northrop Grumman employees and "aa" administrative accounts are granted to agency employees.

  7. Test Account - This is a COV account that is used to test the functionality of applications, access levels and other services while connected to the COV domain. The managers of these types of accounts are accountable for any activity performed on the system with the use of the test account.

  8. Service Account - This is a COV account that is used to interact with devices such as printers and scanners. As an example, a service account is needed to save scanned documents directly to a share from the scanner.

  9. Contact Record - This is a record of contact information for an individual outside the COV domain. These records can be found in the COV GAL to allow users to contact them via e-mail.

  10. Exchange Resource for Calendar - This is a shared calendar that specified people can access and modify via Microsoft Outlook.

  11. Exchange Resource for Conference Room - This is an object that is created in order to allow individuals to reserve conference rooms within agency offices via Microsoft Outlook.

  12. VPN Token Reassignment - This type of request allows an agency to reassign an existing VPN Token to a different user.

  13. UNIX-Linux Account - This is an account that is used to logon to a UNIX and/or Linux server(s). Users who hold IT support roles that grant them a higher level of access may request an administrative account (zz/aa). All others should request a Standard User Account.

  14. IBM Mainframe Account - This is an account that is used to logon to an IBM Mainframe.

  15. SWAP Account - This is a request to create a Security WAP Account.

  16. Server Removal - This is a request to deprovision or decommission servers from service.

  17. WCS SharePoint Access - This is a request to manage (add, modify or remove) users to/from an Agency’s SharePoint Allow Active Directory group, which is the gateway access to the Workplace Collaboration Services, Service Offering – featuring SharePoint 2013. Users must have a COV network account or an AUTH account in order to be granted access.

Submitting the Request:

Once all required data has been entered on the form, please be sure to enter your agency’s authorized requester, approved designees, AITR or ISO in the "Agency Authorized Account Request Approver Information" section. These individuals will receive an e-mail from you via the COV account request website to approve or deny the request.

Approving the Request:

Approved requests and the associated request form only will be accepted by the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) when sent directly from the appropriate approver’s e-mail account.

Do not forward this form to the VITA Customer Care Center (VCCC) for processing if you are not an agency authorized approver.

Other special instructions:

For any request, enter any additional comments that you feel may assist in the approval and/or the processing of the request in the "Other Instructions/Comments" section of the form.

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