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The Internet Mapping Application Products and Services (IMAPS) group uses ESRI's ArcGIS Server technologies to provide innovative tools for the management and display of geospatial data on the Internet.

Selection of popular IMAPS viewers


MarineBIOS   About MarineBIOS

Fishing Guide   About the Fishing Guide

CDFW Lands Viewer   About the Lands Viewer

ACE-II Viewer   About the ACE-II Project

See also: Map Services

The IMAPS Viewer...

  • provides secure access to CDFW's GIS data to the general public
  • provides an enterprise solution to disseminate GIS maps, spatial data, metadata, information and images
  • permits CDFW staff to easily view GIS data in a web browser

Tips for using the IMAPS Viewer

  • Let the map viewer finish loading before you click on anything.
  • You can change the map area by zooming in (+) or out (-) using the magnifier icons.
  • In the layer list, the checkbox to the left of the layer name turns the layer on or off.
  • If you have a large screen, the viewer speed may be reduced. Shrinking your browser window will increase the Viewer speed.
  • A quick overview of toolbar functions can be viewed by clicking the "question mark" button on the right end of the toolbar.
  • Detailed viewer instructions can then be access

Direct questions or comments concerning IMAPS to IMAPS@wildlife.ca.gov.