Description:  This discussion group consists of educators, students, and parents collaborating on dyslexic subjects. From the UK to the US and many other countries. It is based in the UK and basically you will receive e:mails from these people on different subjects.
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Target challenge:

Dyslexics and learning disabled.

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Teachers, Parents, Educators.
Type: Dyslexia discussion Group
Services: e:mail discussions about dyslexia
Costs: Free
Financial assistance: Not needed.

Virtual internet based, on the web in United Kingdom UK, England.


Areas served: World wide, mainly UK & USA

You can ask a question to the group and sometimes 5 to 15 people will reply with an answer. Always make sure you make reference to your location (i.e. "SF California, USA") because people may reply to you from another country and the info may not apply to you, and you state.

If you don't like to receive e:mails you can simply look into the archives (example on right) and read the headings of discussions and just read that, from 1998 to today. Your answer may already be here.

  • Some Past discussion subjects:
  • Famous dyslexics + quotes
  • tinted glasses
  • Allowances in exams
  • Can you be dyslexic but still have good literacy skills?
  • Dyslexia and impaired vision
  • New research points to chromosome 2
  • Phonics scheme
  • Private schools Vs. public schools
  • banging head against wall!
  • Site for teenagers
  • Spatial problems
  • Sticker Identification on Examination Scripts
  • Re: stressed parent, stressed child
  • Surface meaning verses second meaning
  • teacher awareness poster
  • Technology Assessment
  • The brain
  • whole school tests in primary schools and concessions for dyslexics
  • Touch Typing for young children
  • Travel Sickness treatment
  • Vision therapy...
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • working memory & observations

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If you are dyslexic and don't like to read 3 to 10 extra e:mails a day. You can get a free separate e:mail at yahoo.com or hotmail.com, that way you can periodically look at that mails, so you are not bombarded with e:mails to your personal email address.

 Restrictions: It is only meant for dyslexia and related topics. You must be signed up to participate. It is a dyslexic friendly environment no one is to comment on spelling or punctuation.

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Once you have joined, hit the reply. Say your new and you want to ask a question about... ??? Scholarships in the US for dyslexics? or what ever you want. www.dyslexia.com in San Mateo, CA USA, listens in on it as well as the British Dyslexia Society, UK. So your bound to get your answers met there or at least pointed in the right direction. I will be signing off soon but looking in on what's been talked about periodically. And maybe join bake up again later? To me sometime the e:ail is over whelming. Make sure you have your subject in the "Subject" Area of your e:mail. This becomes very help full when getting replies.


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you hit the replay button and type: leave in the subject and the body. Make sure you don't have tags at the end and don't add words like "I want to leave" "take me off your list, it's automatic and the computer only recognizes "leave" to take you off. Or go to the site and fallow the instructions.


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I liked being on the list, I learned a lot and I have met electronically, wonderful people from all over the world with interesting stories and information. I highly recommend this group. The best part, you can spell bad and they don't care. I have been part of this list for over a year. Everyone has a different focuses and background so you are sure to find someone with the answer you need. Make sure you read a few if the past discussions before you sign up. However comma, after a year I had a hard time keeping up with the e:mails and with drew. I recommend it, but getting a separate e:mail.

- Stacy Poulos Dyslexia.tv

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