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The TRS mission is to promote long-term financial security for our members while maintaining the stability of the fund. The most common sources of income for retirees in the U.S. are Social Security and personal savings (including investments). TRS members have the additional security of a defined benefit pension plan in which benefits are paid based on their years of service and their final average compensation. Defined benefits are guaranteed during the lifetime of the member.

Public pensions benefit, not only Montana's retired public employees, they also have a direct economic benefit to local communities. More than $251 million are paid to 11,379 retired members in 56 counties around the state of Montana. These dollars flow back into local and state communities.

TRS Retirement Benefits Paid by County

All TRS members contribute a percentage of their earned income as a share of the funding for their retirement, disability, and death benefits. In addition, a statewide pool of TRS employers contribute a share based on their total employees' earned income. These pooled funds are invested by the Montana Board of Investments to provide long-term funding for TRS benefits.

Where in the world are TRS retirees?

Click on the map markers to view the number of retirees by country location, plus the total gross benefit amount.

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