Fermilab Time and Labor

Use this page to access tools that will help you use the Fermilab Time & Labor electronic timecard. You can login to your timecard, access training materials and documentation and ensure that your browser has the settings and software it needs to access the system.

Go to Java FTL timecard

Most employees will create and submit their timecard using this link.

Go to alternate HTML timecard - Employees and Managers

Use this if the Java-based timecard does not work for you. This link uses HTML only and may work on your mobile device. The link is provided for ease of use only.

Note: The HTML interface for employees and managers has been combined into one single interface.

FTL Tools

FTL User Documentation

Click here to review user documentation, including how to change your previously submitted timecards.

FNAL Service Desk

Click here to obtain assistance with timecard connectivity or usability issues.

Windows Terminal Server

Click here if you use Mac, Linux or Unix and you cannot access the FTL system. You will need VPN.

Browser Compatibility

Click here to determine whether your browser is compatible with the FTL site.

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