HIGHLIGHTS – Issue 51, Summer 2013
  • The Knowledge Management Journey

    The Knowledge Management Journey

    By Edward W. Rogers   On May 13, 2003, I reported to work at Goddard Space Flight Center as the center’s “knowledge management architect.” Looking back after ten years there, I will try to summarize why knowledge management was successfully adopted at Goddard.

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Back to the Future: KSC Swamp Works

Kennedy’s new Swamp Works encourages innovation through experimentation and
knowledge sharing.
By Kerry Ellis

University Capstone Projects: Small Investments, Big Rewards

Glenn’s partnership with universities generates first-rate space-medicine research.
By Laurie Stauber

One Person’s Mentoring Experience

The author explains how she found and worked with her mentor.
By Natalie Henrich

The Road to New Flight Software

To develop new software, an Applied Physics Lab team collaborates with several NASA centers.
By Christopher Krupiarz

Tales from a Five-Sided Building

Six months at the Pentagon gave Garber an opportunity to compare NASA and the
Department of Defense.
By Stephen Garber

Predictable Project Surprises: Bridging Risk-Perception Gaps

Concerns about project-threatening risks are often ignored or unspoken.
By Pedro C. Ribeiro

The Knowledge Management Journey

Goddard’s CKO reflects on what ten years on the job have taught him.
By Edward W. Rogers

Creating NASA’s Knowledge Map

A new online tool helps show who knows what at NASA.
By Matthew Kohut and Haley Stephenson

Lessons on Leadership:
The Evolution of the Radiation Protection Project

Thanks to wise leadership and open communication, an important project survives multiple challenges.
By Keith L. Woodman and Debi Tomek

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