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Transparency Reports & Information

This page serves as a resource for citizens, legislators, and the media, interested in locating information related to government spending and revenues.

Reports Published by the Division of Finance

Alaska's Checkbook Online

Checkbook OnlineCheckbook Online reports are published monthly in Excel and PDF formats. These reports include expenditure information for payees receiving $1,000 or more in the current fiscal year.

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Payment Detail Reports

The Payment Detail Reports are published each month in Excel and Text (Tab-Delimited formats) to allow for easy analysis. Each payment detail report includes all vendor and grantee payments processed within the month.

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Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), is prepared after the June 30 close of each fiscal year and is available in December.

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Compensation & Travel Report of Executive Positions

The Compensation and Travel Report of Executive Positions is prepared after the end of each calendar year, in accordance with Alaska Statute 37.05.210, and is available online at the end of January. The report includes compensation information for salary, housing, vehicle, and other compensation paid to executive positions. The report also lists travel and relocation details and expenses.

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Available Balance in the Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund

This report tracks the available balance in the Constitutional Budget Reserve Fund beginning July 1, 2001. It is updated throughout the year for cash flow borrowing as it occurs, and on December 15th for the new ending balance…

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Reports Published by Other State Agencies

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Reports

These reports are published each quarter by the Office of Management and Budget in the Office of the Governor.

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Annual Workforce Profile

This report is published by the Division of Personnel and Labor Relations in the Department of Administration. It includes data and graphs representing workforce demographics for the employees of the State of Alaska Executive Branch.

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Biennial Procurement Report

This report is published by the Division of General Services in the Department of Administration. It is a summary of Executive Branch procurement activity for the state fiscal years of 2009 and 2010.

Department of Revenue Reports

The State of Alaska Department of Revenue publishes three reports of state revenues and tax collections.

  • Revenues Sources Book and Forecasts - provides a history and projection of state revenues.
  • Annual Report - provides an overview of the programs administered by the Tax Division of the Department of Revenue, along with statistics of revenue collections and other information related to those programs.
  • Shared Taxes - provides an overview of shared tax and fee programs administered by the Department of Revenue and provides reports of current and historical amounts shared to the municipalities in Alaska.

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Reports Published by Local Governments