The Web-based Task Order Management and Information System (TOMIS) is a tool designed to help manage task order type contracts. TOMIS was originally developed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Office for Coastal Management to oversee the Coastal Geospatial Services Contract. Since then TOMIS has been modified to allow its use for multiple contracts and agencies.

TOMIS allows government contractors to submit and track deliverables, as well as monitor deliverables that are upcoming or delinquent. E-mail notifications remind TOMIS users when actions are required. Contracting Officer's Representatives (COR) have access to all data on their contracts and can monitor task order progress. Contractors are evaluated on their performance at the completion of all task orders, with a score automatically provided by TOMIS.

In addition, the Reports tool of TOMIS allows senior-level managers to determine where data have been purchased, the type of data, the amount spent, and the status of each task order. This tool helps reduce duplication of effort between government agencies and provides a means for better planning for outsourcing of funds across the government.

Contract Vehicles

Office for Coastal Management

National Geodetic Survey

US Geological Survey

  • Cartographic Products and Services Contract II

US Department of Agriculture National Resource Conservation Office

  • Floodplain Easement Program
  • Wetland Reserve Program
  • Agreements