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The purpose of the Aerospace Technical Facility Inventory is to facilitate the sharing of specialized capabilities within the aerospace research/engineering community primarily within NASA, but also throughout the nation and the entire world. A second use is to assist in answering questions regarding NASA capabilities for future missions or various alternative scenarios regarding mission support to help the Agency maintain the right set of assets.

The key questions which determine which assets are included in the database are:

(1) Does the asset provide extraordinary capability to the user community?
(2) Would it be more logical for a researcher or test engineer to use this asset at its existing location than to procure the item for local use?

Information about each facility is defined by capability and parameter templates which are completed by individuals responsible for these facilities. The assets are classified by TYPE, CAPABILITY, PERFORMANCE PARAMETER and LOCATION (e.g. NASA Center). Each asset may be classified in one or more types, one or more capabilities, and one or more parameters.

The application provides the option of linking to other websites, either organizations which have an interest in some aspect of aerospace research but do not choose to fully participate in the database, or a website associated with a specific managing location or a specific asset.

Each asset has the contact information for someone at the managing center and someone which specific knowledge of the asset. Some asset data is not not available for public access so contact NASA HQ, (202) 358-1090, for additional assistance.

LaRC facility image ARC facility image WFF facility image

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