• Get a bird's eye view on utilities.

    Get a Bird’s-Eye View of Utilities

    Today, October 5, is national Energy Efficiency Day! The Office of Consumer Counsel (OCC) is offering tips that help "Save energy. Save money." Click on the owl and take five minutes to learn more about your utilities. Plus, discover ways to work with your energy company on efficiency efforts by visiting the Office of Consumer Counsel. Follow hashtag #EEDay2016 and join us on Facebook and Twitter to get tips throughout the day. 
  • DORA Owl Take 5 to get wise

    Take 5 to Get Wise

    Ask Who? ... As a consumer, taking just five minutes to do homework now may save you from major headaches later. Watch our public service announcements to learn a few ways you can Take 5 to Get Wise. 


  • Keeping Your Money Secure

    Wise financial advice requires finding a trusted professional. DORA protects consumers through regulation of state-chartered credit unions, banks, savings & loan associations, investment advisers, brokers and more. June 15 was World Elder Abuse Awareness Day! We value our seniors for their wisdom and experience, and it's time we got wise about protecting them from financial exploitation. DORA has introduced Senior$afe to fight financial abuse of Colorado elders.
  • DORA Owl Insurance

    Don't Wing It on Insurance

    The Colorado Division of Insurance regulates and monitors the state's insurance companies. The division is here to answer your questions about all kinds of insurance, including home and auto, senior and medicare, health, life and more. 

  • Healthcare owl

    Give a Hoot about Health Insurance

    Health insurance can be confusing, but DORA is here to help! Find out more about the Affordable Care Act, 2016 approved plans, and costs in your region.