Search engine SPAM detector

"Is your work/business based on detectable tricks?"

(Version 1.1 beta)

What does this tool do? This tool analyzes a web page, searching for characteristics that search engines could consider spam. If you don't know what "search engine spamming" means or if you want to know how this tool works, you can read the Spam detector FAQ.

What type of tricks does it find? The tool tries to detect three main methods: keyword stuffing, doorway farms and hidden text. Any trick based on Javascript or on CSS positioning/layering will not be detected (for now). Search engine spam detection is very difficult to accomplish and this tool can't recognize all the existing tricks/methods; it isn't perfect and it sometimes fails.

Why did you create this tool? To persuade webmasters and SEO to think: if I have been able to create a simple tool capable of intercepting some techniques of spam, imagine what a team of engineers, working for a search engine, could do!

Just insert the URL of the page to analyze and hit Enter.
The analysis could take many seconds, so be patient and just wait.

Repair HTML code: - Check this option only if an hidden text analysis erroneously reported a visible text as invisibile.