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"Lombard Scotch Whisky: Definitively a Family Business" - Insider News wine articles

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Lombard Scotch Whisky: Definitively a Family Business
by Marie-Claude Veillette,

Sixty years ago, Lombard Scotch Whisky was founded by Margaret Lombard-Chibnall, one of many members of the Lombard family who have chosen to follow 300 years of family tradition by working in the wine and spirits industry.

Margaret is one of very few women who have built a career in the Scotch business – even today, the crafting of Scotch whisky is a niche dominated by men.

Richard Lombard-Chibnall (Margaret's son) says: “The family is very hands on in the business and Margaret is a great referral point when looking for advice.” Richard is the global brand director, responsible for export sales.

Family History

From the time Margaret first entered the market as a supplier of bulk whisky to blenders, she made sure to only invest in whiskies of the highest quality. Select distilleries were commissioned to produce ‘new fill’ and from date of distillation; Lombard would take control over the maturation of its stocks. Today, Lombard holds, matures and bottles from its own whiskies. Bottling and blending remains in the central region of Scotland.

Lombard Scotch Whisky proudly states they are: “A family company at the heart of whisky.” The portfolio reflects their culture to maintain the highest quality over price. The family's first brand was the award winning blend, Lombard Gold Label. Aimed at a pre-war standard of excellence, it took particular focus on the malts within. Created in the 1970's, it was the original Gold Label - available today.

Lombard has been accumulating whisky casks for over half a century and with some luck, found itself in a fortunate position to supply the burgeoning single malt market.

An impressive portfolio

The Lombard Single Malt portfolio is in high demand among collectors who are looking for exclusive whiskies. “It has been a volatile time, as prices fluctuate with supply and demand. The past few years have witnessed prices sky-rocket for rare whisky. It is a fair statement to say, that investing in whisky today has become comparable to what has happened to the fine art market,” concludes Richard Lombard-Chibnall.

While the United States and Europe are still dominant markets, the explosive interest in high end whiskies has largely been generated from within Asia, notably China. The market has been driven by demand for single cask, single malt – especially for distilleries that achieved a cult-like status for their whisky, but have since closed.

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