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I'm an author, performer, and advocate for teens, freaks & other outlaws. That--and oh so much more--makes me a queer & pleasant danger.

New York
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  1. ✈️ Off to London holiday w to see get her tranny on in . Back in a week. OK, I love you buh-bye. ❤️

  2. Greetings from ! In conversation today w at 4:30pm ET

  3. Just landed in Miami. Will be at the today speaking with the wonderful Come on down!

  4. ❓🤔❓Good questions make good politics. 19 fine questions for family/friends who voted differently to ask each other.

  5. On my way to . Might I be seeing you there?

  6. Miami Book Fair this weekend! Cannot wait to see & on Saturday! Gonna buy some books to bring back to Canada!

  7. Terrific talk w @HuffingtonPostLive. I'll tweet a link when it's posted.

  8. In reply to

    Twibe: please tweet who’s seeking legal resources for :

  9. On "ally" and "acceptance" - wisdom from via friends 💜💜

  10. Join me 3pm Eastern today, streaming live w on the release of the shiny new edition of Gender Outlaw.

  11. Now feels like a good time to remind LGBTQ youth (& all ppl really) that this 📖 exists.

  12. Writing retreat went great, . It prepared me to articulate a response to these maddening days—still working on that.

  13. Here's a fun one: wanna b really beautiful/handsome? Feel gratitude for all u have and look in a mirror while yr feeling grateful—

  14. AND SPEAKING OF COPING MECHANISMS here's a passage from 's book 'Hello Cruel…

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