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%                  COPYRIGHT (C) 1994-2006                             %
%          THE UNIVERSITY OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK                     %
%              THE STATE EDUCATION DEPARTMENT                          %
%                   ALL RIGHTS RESERVED                                %
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%This NYSED-A-SERIES World Wide Web Server source code (Software) is   %
%copyrighted by the University of the State of New York, the State     %
%Education Department (NYSED), and ownership remains with NYSED.       %
%NYSED grants you (Licensee) a license to use this Software for        %
%internal business purposes only, without a fee.                       %
%Any commercial company may use this Software as their commercial      %
%World Wide Web server without a fee.                                  %
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%This Software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.%
%NYSED shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the users of    %
%this Software.                                                        %
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%You may make derivative works.  All derivative works must clearly     %
%indicate that they are "derived from the NYSED-A-Series Web Server".  %
%No fee may be charged for this Software or derivative works.          %
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%By using or copying this software you agree to abide by the copyright %
%law and all other applicable laws of the U.S. and the terms of this   %
%license.                                                              %

To gain access to the following software you should mail a picture postcard of one of your favorite local scenes. On the card give a brief description of how you plan to use the server, provide your e-mail address and I will respond via e-mail with the username and password for downloading. There is no cost for the software other than the cost of the postcard and postage.

   Eric Jackson
   N.Y. State Education Department
   Division of ITS
   Room 573 EBA
   89 Washington Avenue
   Albany, NY  12234 USA

(NOTE: Downloading this software indicates acceptance of the above terms and conditions.)

Conditionally HTTP/1.1 compliant!

NYSED-A-Series Web Server Version 2.1A Code 288K Bytes (Leading Seq #s)

NYSED-A-Series Web Server Version 2.1A Code 625K Bytes (Trailing Seq #s)

NYSED-A-Series Web CGI Library Version 2.0B Code 38K Bytes (Leading Seq #s)

NYSED-A-Series Web CGI Library Version 2.0B Code 81K Bytes (Trailing Seq #s)

These notes and samples may be viewed for evaluation.

NYSED-A-Series Web Server Version 2.1A Notes 27K Bytes

NYSED-A-Series Web Server CGI Description 14K Bytes

NYSED-A-Series Web CGI Library Version 2.0B Notes 9K Bytes

NYSED-A-Series Web CGI Sample COBOL74 Application Code 23K Bytes

NYSED-A-Series Web CGI Sample ALGOL Application Code 12K Bytes

Don Gregory's Multi-Host Bouncer Program Code 20K Bytes

Try out a sample COMS CGI application (Echo) written in COBOL74

Visit the NYSED WWW Site on the A-Series (200,000 - 500,000 requests/day)

Unisys Network News Group

comp.sys.Unisys is a network news group where Unisys users can share information.

Google has a good interface at this link:


The NYSED web server has been requested by A-Series sites world-wide.

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