Accessibility Center for Electronic Information Resources


Accessibility means providing equal access to information and services regardless of a user's physical or developmental abilities or impairments. HHS employees are required by law to ensure that any electronic information or technology resources that are created or purchased are accessible.

This website includes resources to help agencies meet requirements governing the accessibility of electronic information including policy information, training resources, and accessibility guidelines and testing checklists.

Recent Updates

  • Added links to the new HHSE 570 Enterprise Wide Exception Request document and instructions (3/14/2014)

Upcoming Training Events

DARS is conducting monthly accessibility training classes on MS Office, PDF Documents and Forms and HTML. Staff from HHS agencies can view the schedule and register from the Course Schedule page on the DARS Intranet. Staff from external agencies should watch for announcements of available seats on the DIR Peso and DIR Train mailing lists.

  • MS Office 2010 Training is now available from the Governor's web site! Learn to use MS Office 2010 programs including MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint and create documents that are fully accessible. The full training series Creating Accessible Microsoft Office 2010 Documents includes 20 modules with videos, audio recordings and text based training in Word and PDF. Be the first in your office to become an expert on Office Accessibility! This training was developed through a partnership of staff from over 15 Texas State Agencies including all 5 HHS agencies.
  • Don't have time for 20 modules? A second MS Office Online Accessibility Course provides an overview of how to use MS Word styles to add structure to your documents, how to create basic accessible tables in MS Word and how to create simple accessible spreadsheets in MS Excel. This course is available through System Training Solutions at HHS. [More info about theMS Office Online Accessibility Course]

* Note: DARS Center for Learning Management (CLM) accessibility classes are reserved for HHS employees. If seats are not filled, other state agencies may be invited to register. Please monitor the DIR PESO and DIR Train mailing lists

Page Reviewed/Updated: 8/27/2014